You Need to See These Gorgeous Glittery Maternity Photos That Are Going Viral

Need inspiration for your maternity photos? Look no further!

If you can't quite swing the over-the-top production values of Beyoncé's pregnancy photos, consider this ultraglamorous idea instead. Pregnancy and baby photographer Melissa Jean has dabbling with adding glitter to the maternity photos on her Instagram feed, and we're in love. These are so beautiful, eye-catching and unusual—and we think expectant mamas everywhere will be able to draw some inspiration from them.

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This isn't the first time we've seen a pregnant lady pose in a bathtub—you might recall that we shared a collection of beautiful milk bath maternity photos with you, and those featured some bathtub settings as well. While milk baths are perfect for mamas who like a more earthy, floral-strewn vibe, these glittery shots would be ideal for mamas who want to inject a bit of glamour into their photos.

Don't want to be cleaning glitter out of your tub for the forseeable future? You can go for the glitz on dry land as well: Jean shared a shot of a woman standing with her bump covered in sparkles, and while we don't quite know how the glitter stuck to her so well, we do know that the picture is pretty incredible.

These photos have been gaining tons of attention on social media, with users commenting that they'd love to do similar shots for their own maternity photos. We can't say we blame them—these photos are seriously giving us #goals. 

What do you think of these photos? Would you recreate them for your own maternity shots?