Dads Have Crazy Pregnancy Dreams, Too

Here are some common themes.

loving couple in bed

Vivid dreaming is a well-known side effect of pregnancy, but expectant moms aren't the only ones whose brains work overtime in the wee hours. Dads-to-be also step up their travels to dreamland.

Early in a partner's pregnancy, it's common for men's dreams to feature themes of masculine power, such as sports or sex. As fatherhood creeps closer, a man might dream that he or his partner dies or that he abandons the baby. In some dreams, the dad-to- be might dream that his role as protector is challenged, says Alexandra Goletka, Psy.D., co-founder of Parenthood Psychology Practice in New York City.

"The details of the dream aren't nearly as important as the overall theme," Goletka says. "But it's important to address them. Sit down and say, 'Let's talk about it and analyze it together.' " Deciphering the dreams as a couple can deepen your communication and help dad feel included in your pregnancy.

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