How to Tell the Guys at Work You're Pregnant

The host of "PowerNation" shares how she handled her pregnancy in a testosterone-heavy environment

PowerNation TV host Courtney Hansen Getty Images: Ilya S. Savenok/Contributor

As the host of car show PowerNation, Courtney Hansen—who gave birth to daughter Holland in July—knows a few things about working in a testosterone-heavy environment. With her tips, you can make your workplace a less-stressful place for a pregnant woman, for all nine months.

On telling your boss and coworkers that you're pregnant:

"Be confident! I waited until I was four and a half months to share the news, and that helped. Male colleagues may have expectations—that you're going to have bad morning sickness, not show up to work or have crazy demands—but if you wait until after you've conquered that first trimester, they'll be impressed that you've already pulled it off without issue."

On answering the "How are you feeling?" question

"With male colleagues, less is more. Keep it short and sweet: 'I feel great!' I tell all the guys on the show that I feel better than ever—it's sweet of them to ask, but they don't want to imagine me throwing my guts up or having a sonogram."

On the occasional bonehead remark

"These happen. But whatever a guy says to you, take it as a compliment because it's unlikely he means any harm. It's probably just classic male foot-in-mouth syndrome. If someone tells me my bump looks really big, I say "Thanks!"