Mom Blogger's All-Too-Real Pregnancy Sex Post Goes Viral

This woman just shared one of the most candid posts about pregnancy sex we've seen—and responses to it indicate just how different everyone's experience really is.

There are so many aspects of pregnancy few women dare to discuss—and pregnancy sex is undeniably one of them. That might be why this mama's viral post is burning up the Internet: Mom blogger Mel Watts posted a super real rant about getting it on while 30 weeks pregnant...and let's just say she didn't hold anything back, much to the delight of other pregnant women.

"You know there are some women who thrive when they're pregnant. They love a bit of loving from the big D and then there's people like me," Watts wrote. "We try. I really think we do...Well here I am." 

Watts went on to refer to herself as "beach whaled AF". She discussed the rash on her stomach, the heavy breathing, the need for a panty liner—again, aspects of pregnancy few people discuss. Watts even made a point about how she's "filled with 10 fingers, 10 toes and all sorts of body parts that stick out." 

The best part? The comments, where fellow pregnant women are using the post to share their own stories—and the range of experiences presented is eye-opening. "First pregnancy, couldn't get enough. Second one, couldn't stand even sleeping in the same bed. Hormones are crazy things," one commenter wrote. Another added: "On the plus.....the juices are flowing down there, no foreplay necessary!! You're already halfway there."

The point here? Every pregnancy is different, and every woman will have a different level of desire for "pregnant intimacy," as Watts put it. It's about time someone got real about this aspect of pregnant life.

Do you relate to her post?