What's Sex Like When You're Pregnant? Amber Rose and Tess Holliday Tell All!

Plus, Rose says she has a famous pregnant friend who's "horny all the time!"

Amber Rose, Tess Holliday Instagram

Pregnant women obviously know their way around a sex romp—let's face it, that bun didn't get in the oven on its own!

But when it comes to sex when expecting, no two mamas-to-be are alike. Take Amber Rose and Tess Holliday, for example. The ladies recently got real on an episode of Rose's VH1 show, and they had very different stories about their pregnancy libidos. 

"I constantly wanted to have sex," model Holliday, who recently welcomed a son, confessed. "If anything, [my husband] was the one who was like, ‘Really?’ and I was like ‘Yes.’” 

Rose couldn't relate herself, but has a friend who's on Holliday's wavelength. “You know who’s like that?" she spilled. "She might get mad that I’m saying this, but [Blac] Chyna says she’s horny all the time.”

For her part, Rose, who has a 3-year-old son with rapper Wiz Khalifa, insisted she had the opposite reaction. "When I was pregnant, it was just like, 'Fine,'" she said. "I would act like I was into it but I was like, 'Please just hurry up. Get off me!'"

Watch the video below for the hilarious exchange:

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