This Pregnant Elephant Exercising Is the Cutest Stay-Fit Inspiration Ever

Having trouble getting motivated to move your baby bump? Watching this pregnant elephant exercising may be just what you need.

Staying fit during pregnancy isn’t just important for humans, it can help all mammals have a healthier labor and delivery. Just look at Thong Dee, a pregnant Asian elephant who lives at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia, doing her adorable exercise routine.

Her trainers put together a CrossFit-esque workout of agility exercises like lifting and stacking tires, step-ups, leg lifts, and stretching to strengthen her muscles and keep her moving during these last couple months of her pregnancy—and don’t forget elephants carry their babies for 22 months!

So, if you’re feeling too huge to hit the gym, let Thong Dee be your inspiration. If she can do it, you can, too!