Watch Fetuses Create Art with Belly Paintbrushes

A Belgium-based charity campaign had women taping paintbrushes to their growing bellies. It's called "Unborn Artists" and it produces something truly beautiful.

Watch Fetuses Create Art with Belly Paintbrushes Duval Guillaume/YouTube

A Belgium-based charity campaign rested on the premise that unborn babies can help other unborn babies with the power of art. Unborn Artists is the name of the project—and it had pregnant women taping paintbrushes to themselves for the sweetest reason imaginable.

The campaign started as a response to the high infant mortality rate in Africa. Here's how it worked: Pregnant participants taped paintbrushes to their stomachs. The brushes were loaded with colored paint, the moms pointed their bellies toward a canvas—and the babies did the rest of the work. You can watch the video below to see the results.

The video starts off with a powerful message: "Thousands of unborn babies do not survive their own birth. This number needs to go down. Belgian unborn babies support African unborn babies." It then features visuals of the campaign in action—the babies move and kick inside their mothers' wombs, moving the paintbrushes around, which creates unique, abstract images.

The campaign is actually from a few years ago, but it has gone viral now and we love the spirit of it. It's not just a charity project—it's a way for women to let their babies experience art and express individuality before they're even born. And might we add...this could be a great activity for you and your pregnant friends to try. Who knows? You might even create some truly meaningful nursery art.

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