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Chariot Carriers CX-1

Chariot Carriers CX-1

Price: $665

Best Use: Transitioning from trails to sidewalks --simply swap the front tire from single to double.

Road Test: The multi-tier handlebars are perfect for taller runners.

Tire Size: 20"

Reclines For Naps? No need: Its seating area is plusher than most car seats.

Where To Find It: 800-262-8651, chariotcarriers.com.

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Baby Jogger Q-Series Single

Baby Jogger Q-Series Single

Price: $249

Best Use: Running on paved or packed-dirt surfaces.

Road Test: Lightweight and turns on a dime, but handlebars felt low to this 5-foot-11-inch mama. Folds up easily--you can do it single-handed!

Tire Size: 16"

Reclines For Naps? No.

Where To Find It: 800-241-1848, babyjogger.com.

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InStep Ultra Runner

InStep Ultra Runner

Price: $170

Best Use: Running on paved surfaces--it's a bit heavy to navigate on trails.

Road Test: Secure brakes and shock absorbers are a bonus, but turning it is like trying to steer a tank.

Tire Size: 16"

Reclines For Naps? Yes; adjust the back by pulling tight on the nylon strap.

Where To Find It: 800-242-6110, instep.net.

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Dreamer Design Rebound Lite

Dreamer Design Rebound Lite

Price: $217-$240

Best Use: Running or hiking on any terrain, thanks to a cushy suspension system.

Road Test: Shocks offer a smooth ride, even on sidewalks erupting with tree roots.

Tire Size: 16"

Reclines For Naps? Yes, and an innovative pivoting canopy blocks the sun at any time of day.

Where To Find It: 800-278-9626, dreamerdesign.net.

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Kelty Speedster Deluxe

Kelty Speedster Deluxe

Price: $335

Best Use: Running or hiking on all types of terrain.

Road Test: Its knobby tires and sturdy frame make it the best for off-road running. Mesh storage pockets and an underseat basket keep your hands free--you'll need both to steer because of its weight.

Tire Size: 16"

Reclines For Naps? Yes.

Where To Find It: 800-423-2320, kelty.com.

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