As Seen on the Today Show: How to Buy a Maternity Swimsuit

Tips for buying a swimsuit when you're pregnant from fashion editor Kathryn McRitchie:


Maternity trends are mainstreams trends, and bathing suits are no exception. Whether you're looking for rich, sophisticated jewel tones or classic black, white and metallics, keep these tips in mind when you hit the mall:

1. Stick to your style It's really important to stay true to who you are and not change your style just because you're pregnant. Go with a style of suit that you were most comfortable in before getting pregnant. That said, many women are loving that they have this big, tight belly - not a jelly belly, and try wearing a bikini for the first time in their adult lives.

2. Shop in your 2nd trimester around the 5th or 6th month. You'll be showing enough to get an idea of what you'll most comfortable in as you grow.

3. Demand support Look for adjustable halter styles that tie around the neck and back that can adjust to your bust and back. A shelf bra is also wise.

4. Check the fit Make sure bikini bottoms fit under the belly and are slightly higher in the back. Look for elastic bands that won't dig into your skin.

5. Choose a tankini You can lift the top up and get a tan or wear it down for more coverage.

6. Bring a friend Take along your mom or a good friend when you go shopping; for a maternity suit, it's always good to get an honest opinion.

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