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Baby Care

Alert! Thousands of Booster Seats Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

OXO Recalls 25,000 Nest Booster Seats after problem with the stitching causes straps to loosen, posing a fall risk to tots.

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Health and Development

Mama Coos, Dada Speaks: A Guide to Baby Talk

A new study reveals that dads don't coo at Baby as much as moms. But which way is better?

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Baby Names 9 photos

37 Unique American Baby Names, By Region

Wow, America. You've got some good taste in baby names.

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Celebrity 13 photos

Leighton Meester & Adam Brody Are Having a Baby!

Looks like there'll be another little one in the Gossip Girl fam.

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Trying to Avoid a C-Section? Exercise.

Science says women who exercise during pregnancy increase their chances of an easier, more natural labor. Translation: Pilates hurts, but you'll thank yourself later.

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Real Mom Stories

Homeless Women Star in Stunning Maternity Photos

Photographer Keri Vaca donates her services to expecting women in shelters—and the results are amazing.

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Is That Starbucks Making Your Future Child Obese?

Sorry coffee lovers: Here's yet another major reason to cut out caffeine during pregnancy. Anyone for decaf?

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Getting Pregnant

These are America's Most Fertility-Friendly States

Good access to infertility treatments may depend on where you live. See how your state measures up.

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