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Kim Kardashian Wants to Deliver Her Breech Baby Vaginally—But Is It Safe?

Unlike 50 years ago, most doctors now deliver most breech babies by C-section. But could that change with the next Kardashian birth?

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Baby Care

Should Crib Bumpers Be Banned?

Doing away with these dangerous sleep accessories altogether might be the best option.

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Coco Austin's Brand New Baby Has Over 90K Instagram Followers

Coco and Ice-T can officially hush speculations that their pregnancy was false.

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It's Official: Anne Hathaway Is (Elegantly) Expecting Baby #1!

Actress Anne Hathaway waited until after her first trimester to reveal her pregnancy.

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Pregnancy News

Now You Can See Your Ultrasound on Your Smartphone

Yup, there's an app for that (or there will be in January). No more shaky photos!

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Pregnancy Health

Would You Light Up a Joint to Cure Your Morning Sickness?

Moms-to-be are turning to weed to relieve pregnancy nausea—trusting the controversial drug over more conventional prescription alternatives, against medical advice.

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