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Pregnancy News

Flu Shot More Important Than Ever, Warns CDC

The flu strain this year can be fatal, and if you’re pregnant, you’re at greater risk. The good news? You can get your flu shot anytime during pregnancy.

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Real Mom Stories

Watch Justin Bieber Put This Woman into Labor

A viral video shows a very pregnant woman dancing to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" ... and then her water breaks.

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Working Moms

Families Spend More on Child Care Than Rent

And American women—surprise, surprise!—are paying the heaviest price for this.

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Pregnancy Health

Borderline High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Still Bad for Baby

A new study shows blood pressure may not have to rise as high as previously thought to have negative outcomes during pregnancy. Here's what you can do about it.

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Getting Pregnant

The CDC Wants You to Stop Drinking When You Come Off Birth Control

According to government statistics, there's a huge group of women who are at risk of alcohol exposure—and it's more dangerous than we thought.

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