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Sex, Marriage & More

7 Romantic Ways to Spend Your Last Valentine's Day as a Twosome

Your Valentine’s Day is about to change. Here’s how to make the most of one-on-one time with your partner.

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Want to Turn Your Guy into a Great Dad? Turn Off TV

First-time dads-to-be are especially influenced by the media’s portrayal of fatherhood. Here’s why you might want to skip binging on Family Guy this pregnancy.

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Labor and Delivery

There’s a New Way to Make Your C-Section Safer

Women were less likely to have an infection when they used this antiseptic. (Another thing to note on your birthing preferences list.)

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Pregnancy Health

Could Anti-Asthma Drugs Cause Autism?

If recent research is any indication, they just might.

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Real Mom Stories

This Woman Danced on an Exercise Ball to Induce Labor—and It Worked!

This one is definitely worth a watch. Turns out she was inspired by another video posted right here on Fit Pregnancy.

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Baby Seat Creates Rift Between Parents

Is this the most controversial baby seat of all time?

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This Baby Food Ad Will Give You All the Feels

This video for organic baby food has gone viral—because it's so freakin' cute.

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