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Kristin Cavallari Gave Birth and We Finally Know What Name She Picked

K Cav teased us by letting us know her babe would be named after a pup—now we can sleep at night.

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Pregnancy Diet

Drinking Coffee While Pregnant Might Not Be so Bad—Really

Turns out all those things your mom told you about avoiding caffeine in pregnancy were based on some out-dated advice from the 1970s.

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Pregnancy Health

Upgrade Your Pregnancy Cravings: Why Balanced Snacking is More Important Than Ever

Craving that frosty with fries again? Totally cool to indulge sometimes in pregnancy. But here's why you might want to thrown in a chicken salad to that order.

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Late Night Host Seth Meyers Is Going to Be a Daddy!

Late Night host Seth Meyers announced his wife's pregnancy—and it was no laughing matter.

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Melting! Mark Zuckerberg Gets Sentimental and Reveals He Will Take Months of Time Off When His Baby Arrives

The founder and CEO of Facebook does not consider paternity leave an option. If he can take time off, can't anybody?

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Kim Kardashian West Shares Game-Changing Maternity Style Tip

Have you noticed that Kim Kardashian West always seems to wear similar things while pregnant? There's a reason.

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Working Moms

Spotify the Latest U.S. Company to Wake Up About Maternity Leave

How many new maternity leave policies will it take to shame the rest of the country into better accommodating new parents?

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Real Mom Stories

Grandpa-to-Be Has Cutest Reaction to Learning About Daughter's Pregnancy

Fans of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Whisper Challenge will LOVE this pregnancy reveal.

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