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Working Moms

John Oliver, You Might Be Our Newest Hero

Maternity leave is bulls*** in the USA, and John Oliver calls it.

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Baby Names

America's Top Baby Names Aren't What We Googled

Here's the top baby names for 2014—and they aren't what we expected.

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Your Weekend Cry: Blind Mom Feels Her Ultrasound

Watch and prepare to weep as one mom "sees" her baby for the first time thanks to 3D printing.

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Getting Pregnant

Should the U.S. Experiment with This New Kind of IVF?

A new breakthrough treatment is getting women pregnant around the world—so why don't we have it?

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Health and Development

Good News: Preemies Can Now Survive at 22 Weeks

Study finds that with the right treatment, tiny babies can survive on the outside earlier than we thought.

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Want to Keep Your Future Kid in Shape? Start Now.

Turns out pregnancy exercise—not just weight—matters in the battle against childhood obesity.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jaime King on Pregnancy After Infertility

The actress opens up to Fit Pregnancy about pregnancy, infertility and why she hates wearing heels.

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Real Mom Stories

WATCH: Husband Can't Handle Labor Pains

Your fave viral video family, the Holdernesses, are back for Mother's Day and they're talking about pregnancy.

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