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Health and Development

Protect Your Baby's Brain Development

Simple lifestyle changes can reduce your baby's risk of developmental problems.

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Baby Names

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014?

Top experts forecast the most popular baby names of the year. Plus, trends new moms should look out for.

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Baby Care

Baby’s First Teeth: How to Care for Them

Protect your baby’s budding bite with these tips.

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Ask the Labor Nurse

Will an Epidural Increase Your Risk of C-Section?

Considering the big E? The surprising side-effect, and how to make sure it doesn't affect your birth.

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Pregnancy Diet

Edward Marc’s Chocolate Bark

Healthy snack, anyone? Satisfy your pregnancy cravings in under 45 minutes with this easy chocolate recipe.

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Pregnancy Health

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy: The Risk and the Fix

Complications from prenatal hypertension are shockingly common. Learn the signs to protect you and your baby.

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Getting Pregnant

Fertility Facts: What 50 Percent of Women Still Don't Know About Conceiving

Trying to get pregnant? Make sure you know the bottom line on baby-making — what you don't understand can affect your bub-to-be's health.

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