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We're Not Breastfeeding Long Enough and It's Costing Us

A new report finds that many women—especially in the U.S.—are not breastfeeding nearly long enough to give infants the full benefits. Here’s why if you can breastfeed, it’s worth a try.
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5 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Valentine's Day

So THIS is love! Here are fun ways to make your baby's first February 14th that much more memorable.

Karolína Kurková Encourages Moms Everywhere to Post a #BreastfeedingSelfie

Want to take part? All you have to do is Instagram yourself with the Victoria Secret model’s hashtag and you’re part of the club.

Abdominal Birth Defect On the Rise in These Moms

An alarming new report finds that the rate of a serious birth defect called gastroschisis has more than doubled. Could you be at risk?

The Surprising Link Between Pre-Pregnancy Obesity and Infant Death

Why being obese before getting pregnant might put you at risk.

You Have to See this Video of Preemie Twins on their Dad's Chest—So Cute!

The gesture they're making is amazing and so, so adorable.

The Latest Joey Salads Breastfeeding Video Has Us Scratching Our Heads

He makes as good point about breastfeeding, but at what cost?

Mind Blown: Baby’s Food Allergies are Mapped Out in Your Umbilical Cord

New research has discovered that certain immune changes seen in cord blood are linked to later development of allergies in babies.

Video Shows What People Really Think About Breastfeeding in Public—and It's Shocking

A YouTube star filmed a public breastfeeding 'social experiment' and the reactions of some people might make you rage.

C-Sections and Breastfeeding Can Affect Your Baby's Gut

Your child's gut health might be established earlier than you think.

This Baby Can Only be Calmed by Star Wars

And it's not the song you'd expect.

Alyssa Milano Slams Wendy Williams for Breastfeeding Comments

Yet another reason to be obsessed with her. Girl, tell 'em.

Good News: IVF Does Not Lead to Developmental Delays in Babies

Previous studies found children born by IVF to be at risk of falling behind their peers when it came to hitting essential milestones. The latest research says this is no longer true.

American Women are Having More Twins

And there's a pretty good explanation as to why this is happening.

9 Times Breastfeeding Won Over the Shamers in 2015

'It's a nipple. It's not a weapon'—possibly our favorite line these past 12 months. Here’s why it matters, even if you don’t breastfeed…
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