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Bexco Expands Recall of DaVinci Cribs Due to Entrapment Hazard

The brand expands its recall from July to include a total of 17,000+ cribs, which could put your baby at risk of getting hurt.
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Good News! Naya Rivera Welcomes a Son with Husband Ryan Dorsey

The Glee star is a mom for a the first time—and we're loving the gender-neutral name!

Why This Kind of Mom is More Likely to Breastfeed

Of course there are many solid reasons why women don't nurse, but it now looks like where you live could be one of them.

The Minnesota Vikings Become First NFL Team to Install Breastfeeding Pods

The football team is taking the lead in providing safe, comfortable nursing facilities for moms and their youngest football fans.

Study: Babies Have Sneaky Ways to Get You to Smile

Don't try to fight the urge to do a stupid grin when your baby coos—just realize that she knows EXACTLY what she's doing.

These Dads Working Out With Their Babies is About to Make You Go Awww

Dads who work out? Awesome. Dads who work out with their babies? Adorable.

Fitness Model Who Lifted During Pregnancy Gives Birth to Healthy Twins

Remember this mom-to-be, who got a ton of flack for lifting weights through her pregnancy? She's back, with the twins to prove it's OK to be fit and pregnant.

Watch this Moving Tribute to a NICU Nurse. (And We Dare You Not to Cry)

This emotional video from Kleenex pays tribute to NICU nurses everywhere. And of course it requires tissues. It's so cute, we'll forgive the marketing ploy.

Mom Wakes Up From Coma After Hearing Baby Cry

Doctors feared it was irreversible—but the mother-daughter bond pulled through for a happy ending to this sweet story.

Could Breastfeeding Reduce Your Baby's Risk of Autism?

A new study finds that nursing may give a boost to some infants' social skills, but if you can't nurse, don't worry: There may be other ways to get the same benefit.

The Best (and Worst) States to Have a Baby

Where does your state fall in this new ranking of baby-friendly locales? (Hint: Number 50 might surprise you.)

These 9 Photos Prove There's No Deadline for Stopping Nursing

The Honest Body Project is back: Let these powerful images of extended breastfeeding help you stand by your choice, whatever that is.

Hey Mamas, Vote Now For a Nursing Pod Near You!

Two mom-friendly companies have joined forces to crowdsource the best locations for two new breastfeeding pods. Could your town be next?

Why This Mom Insists on Nursing Her Friend's Son

This woman asked to breastfeed her friend's son, then shared it on Facebook. What's the big deal?

Keira Knightley (Finally) Unveils Baby Girl's Name—and It's So Her

Three months after her birth, the actress is finally ready to share her unique baby name. Would you choose it?
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