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Baby Care


Baby Care

Screening the Sunscreens: What's Safe for Baby

Our guide to safe sun protection for your little one.

New Trend: More Babies Going Diaper-Free

"Elimination communication" method potty trains your baby by 18 months old.

Growing Battle Over Swaddling

Wrapping a baby like a burrito faces surprising scrutiny with three states and counting seriously discouraging the practice.

Just Had a Baby? A Six-Week Survival Guide

Your first weeks home with a new baby can be awkward and scary. Here's what to expect and how to stay sane.

Tips for Stress-Free Food Shopping With Your Baby

How to conquer the grocery store with baby in tow.

Safe Sleep

The top four things you need to do now to help reduce your baby's risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Stranger Anxiety

Patience is key when teaching a clingy or upset child that separation is normal—mom or dad WILL come back.
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How to Bathe a Newborn

Expert tips for bathing your baby.

Swaddling: How to Wrap Your Baby Right

Rigid swaddling could pose a risk to your baby. Follow these four tips to swaddle your baby safely.

Cry-It-Out Method

An interview with Robert Sears, M.D. explaining the practice of letting a baby “cry it out.”

Cry Baby

How to cope with colic.

Natural Healing

Safe alternative therapies for your little patient

Temperature Gauge

What you need to know about fever in infants.
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