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Short And Sweet Baby Names

Simple, cute, easy to spell and pronounce.


A short and sweet baby name makes a big impact. These names are quirky, cute and delightfully easy to spell and pronounce. In fact, a short first name is a great way to balance out a long last name. Check out our picks of the best short and sweet baby names for girls and boys.

Short baby names are cool – without trying too hard. Whether you are looking for a shorter name that is unique, old fashioned or somewhere in between, we have rounded up our pick of the best short girl names and short boy names.

Short and delightful girl names

These short baby girl names are a great combination with a long last name, however they sound equally as chic with a short last name. Old fashioned baby names are a huge trend right now, so let’s start with our pick of the best one and two syllable classic baby names:

•    Kate
•    Ruth
•    Rose
•    Beth
•    Jean
•    Ann
•    Eve
•    Blaire
•    Paige
•    Gail
•    Gwen
•    Kim
•    Liv
•    Grace
•    Sue
•    Dee
•    Elle
•    Dawn
•    Claire
•    Faye
•    Jane
•    Madge
•    Pearl
•    Tess
Just because a name is short, doesn’t mean it can’t be unique! If you want a baby name that is unusual with a little bit of an edge, check out these:

Short modern girl names

•    Sloan
•    Lou
•    Skye
•    Bray
•    Gem
•    Gia
•    Drew
•    Jade
•    Rain
•    Luna
•    Quinn
•    Star
•    Val
•    Zoe
•    Aja
•    Minka
•    Tia
•    Zoe
•    Uma

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