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Baby Names


Baby Names

Cool and Unique Boy Names

From modern to edgy, sporty to exotic, pick a baby boy name that's as unique as your son

Drama Over Baby Names? Avoid the Most Common Conflicts

Yes, you can dodge a tug-of-war over your top choice baby names.

Baby Names: 3 Decision-Making Tips for Parents-to-Be

Sarah Drew, our October/November cover star, helps you find the perfect name.

Read This if You're Considering Only Unique Baby Names

How to find the perfect, not-too-popular name for your little one.

52 Baby Names for Fans of Americana

Inspired by everything from presidents to artisans, here are some fun ideas for giving your U.S.-born baby a homegrown monikor

16 Baby Boy Names Inspired By World Cup Players

Need some baby name inspiration? Look no further than the most popular sporting event on earth.

Versatile Baby Names for Girls

Tips for selecting a baby name for your little girl that has multiple nicknames.

86 Baby Names You Haven't Heard Of (But Will)

New data reveals some surprising names are growing in popularity. Use this list to choose your very own unique baby name.

The Most Popular Baby Names by State

A rundown of the Social Security Administration's top baby names of the year

Hottest New Baby Girl Names

Having trouble choosing a baby name? We analyzed the latest data to bring you some inspiration.

Hottest New Boy Names

Give your son a name as cool as he is

44 Unique Irish Baby Names You'll Love

From Clover to Cillian, celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a round up of Irish girl and boy baby names for your lucky charm

Hipster Baby Names

These uber-hip baby boy and baby girl names are cool and unique.

The Most Popular Baby Names Right Now

Top experts forecast the most popular baby names of the year. Plus, trends new moms should look out for.
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