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Health and Development


Health and Development

Does Size Matter?

How to put your baby’s growth chart in perspective.

Tracking Objects With The Eyes

Your baby will love to explore her world as her eyesight develops.

How To Survive Separation Anxiety

Tears at day-care drop off? His distress is real. Tips to help your child (and you) through this phase.

Keep it Safe

Ban the balloons

Standing & Cruising

One of the many milestones your baby will overcome.

A Sneak Peek At Babies

Babies a new film by director Thomas Balmès follows four babies from birth until they take their first steps at their homes.

Just The Two Of Us

Five great ways to bond with your baby.

Keep It Safe

How to prevent hair tourniquets

The Simple Way to Boost Baby's Language Development

New research finds an easy way to help you teach your baby to speak

What is Jaundice?

How to spot and treat jaundice in newborns.

Fat and Happy?

What to know about raising a healthy-weight child.

Nap Time for Baby

Follow our advice to make naps a snap.

Flu Season

Your guide to getting through the flu season.
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