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The Scary Reason You Should Aim for a Healthy BMI a Year After Birth

So there's another (completely horrifying) reason to shed your baby weight a year after giving birth. But don't worry: There are totally doable ways to make it happen.
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Fitness Model Who Lifted During Pregnancy Gives Birth to Healthy Twins

Remember this mom-to-be, who got a ton of flack for lifting weights through her pregnancy? She's back, with the twins to prove it's OK to be fit and pregnant.

Your Weekly Ugh: Yet Another Pregnant Woman is Criticized For Keeping Fit

Haters pressure pregnant Michelle Bridges, of The Biggest Loser, to pull lifting video. Can we stop judging healthy, active pregnant women already?

Would You Jog With Your Stroller Like This?

The mom in this Facebook post from stroller brand Bugaboo is causing a stir across the internet. You'll see why.

Meet Instagram's Favorite Pregnant Weightlifter

Who says a bump has to stop you from getting PUMPED? Not Amy Updike, the pregnant weightlifting star of Instagram.

6 Pregnancy Exercise Hurdles & How to Clear 'Em

Working out during pregnancy can feel like an obstacle course you can't win, what with morning sickness, fatigue and exercise no-nos. Here's how to (safely) get back onto that gym floor.

Moms Weigh In: 5 Easy Ways to Blast Baby Weight

Nope, you don't have to slog away on the treadmill to fit into those old jeans.These tips will help you with weight loss after baby.

Exercise Trends During Pregnancy: What's Safe?

Here's a look at which popular workout fads you can try while you're expecting and which ones are better left avoided.

Do This to Slash Your Gestational Diabetes Risk

Making time to do this simple exercise could mean a healthier pregnancy and baby.

Trying to Avoid a C-Section? Exercise.

Science says women who exercise during pregnancy increase their chances of an easier, more natural labor. Translation: Pilates hurts, but you'll thank yourself later.

Want to Keep Your Future Kid in Shape? Start Now.

Turns out pregnancy exercise—not just weight—matters in the battle against childhood obesity.

Hilaria Baldwin's 8 (Doable) Prenatal Yoga Selfies

No headstands on a boardroom table here!

8 Super-Speedy Workout Vines for Moms and Moms-to-Be

We guarantee you'll have time for these seconds-long exercise routines.

Get Your Body Back in 5 Moves!

Celeb trainer Harley Pasternak has helped celebs like Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff get in amazing post-baby shape with realistic new-mom workout plans. Now it's your turn!

Casey Wilson, Yoga Mama

Try out the Marry Me star's favorite effective, yet easy-to-do prenatal and postnatal yoga moves
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