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Postnatal Workouts


Postpartum Exercises

These Yoga and Kickboxing Moves Can Lower Stress in Minutes

Beat exhaustion and get in shape with these easy moves.
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6 Ways to Sculpt Your New-Mom Bod Using Stairs

Say bye-bye to your baby weight with this gym-free routine.

The Busy Mom's 20-Minute Circuit Workout

A nice, long gym session? Ain't nobody got time for that. Get fit fast with this mom-friendly plan.

The New Mom's Follow-Along Abs Workout

Sculpt your postpartum stomach with these at-home ab-toning exercises.

The Abs Workout That Firms Your Arms, Too

Follow these pro moves, and sculpt your upper body while Baby's napping

3 Cardio Workouts to Torch Baby Weight

Fire up the stroller and put the power of interval training to use as you blast pregnancy pounds.

What Is a Tabata? Your New High Intensity Interval Training Plan

No time for the gym? Don't sweat it. We have the best workout for your new-mom schedule.

How to Do Bicycle Crunches (The Yogi Jog)

You may be able to do this jog lying down, but it’s no nap in the park

Full-Body Workout Move: The Thruster

Target your shoulders, thighs, and butt with one exercise

Abdominal Exercises: The Spiderman Plank

The crunch-free, ab-scuplting exercise you can do at home

Kettlebell Workout Basics: How to Master the Kettlebell Swing

Make the most of the move—even if you don't have a kettlebell!

Abdominal Exercises: The Side Plank Dip

Carve your core with this easy exercise. Plus, how to modify it for your skill level.

Master the Mountain Climber Exercise

It’s the ultimate no-excuses exercise: Mountain climbers tighten your butt, thighs, and abs in just a few quick motions.

Lower Body Workout Move: The Ice Skater

Sure, your core is important, but don’t forget your lower body! Add this exercise to your routine for the complete full-body workout.
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