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5 Exercises for Your Post-Baby Belly

Trim and tone your new-mom midsection with these crunch-free moves.

The thought of doing a million crunches to get rid of your post–baby “pooch” sounds pretty boring, right? As luck would have it, you don’t need to, because crunches are as ineffective as they are dull for toning your ab muscles. In fact, working only the outer abdominal muscles, as crunches do, without strengthening the underlying ones first can actually make your pooch worse. “Working your abdominals from the inside out is the key to a flatter tummy and lasting results,” says Pasadena, Calif.–based fitness expert Tracey Mallett, creator of the Get Your Body Back DVD.

Mallett designed this easy postnatal workout exclusively for Fit Pregnancy  to tone the transverse—your deepest abdominal muscle—quickly. With your doctor's OK, try the first move one week after delivery, eventually working up to all five moves, three to four times a week. Keep clicking to master the moves.

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