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Lose Your Post-Baby Paunch with Pilates

Get your body back with this fast and effective ballet-Pilates mash-up.

Pop Physique creator Jennifer Williams, a Los Angeles-based mother of three and a former professional ballet dancer. developed this workout exclusively for Fit Pregnancy. It will help you get back into top form while encouraging you to keep your pelvis, back and shoulders in proper alignment, alleviating back pain and making it easier to carry your baby (and groceries and stroller…) without hurting yourself.

How it Works:You’ll do repetitions of tiny movements that fatigue your muscles, making their fibers break down. As the fibers work to reconnect, you’re burning megacalories. In addition, Pop Physique’s focus on posture will help curb what Williams calls the “mommy back” (a swayback position with your back arched, belly out and shoulders forward) that you may have developed during pregnancy.

Always check with your doctor before starting this or any postnatal fitness program; you’ll need to wait at least six weeks after having a Cesarean section.

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By Virginia I. Pelley

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