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Prenatal Workouts


Pregnancy Exercises

VIDEO: Pain Relief with Yoga and Pilates

Try these moves to alleviate back, shoulder and hip pain during pregnancy.

VIDEO: Yoga Poses to Prepare for Labor & Delivery

Use this series of yoga poses to open your hips and strengthen the muscles you'll need most for childbirth.

VIDEO: Pregnancy Pilates for Every Trimester

These trimester-specific moves will keep you limber and strong throughout your pregnancy.

Strength-Training "Super Mom" Workout

Strengthen the muscles you’ll use most as a new mom with this pregnancy-safe workout.

VIDEO: Prenatal Yoga for Princess Kate

This short series of yoga poses builds strength and relieves tension. Just what a royal mama needs!

VIDEO: 10-Minute Prenatal Lower-Body Workout

Try this quick prenatal lower-body workout to help support your growing belly.

Summer Safety Tips: How to Exercise in the Heat

How to continue your workout plan all summer long.

Pregnancy Meditation and Resting Shivasana Pose

Use this meditation, and your resting side-lying shivasana pose, at the end of your yoga practice.

Prenatal Yoga: Hands and Knees Yoga Flow

Strengthen your body, ease back pain and practice breathing with these yoga poses.

Prenatal Yoga: Warrior Poses

Practice Warrior I and Warrior II during every trimester to find balance, strengthen your legs, and prepare for labor.

5 Simple Pregnancy Exercises for Every Trimester

Our workout makes it easy to strengthen your whole body with simple moves you can do at home.

Trail Running during Pregnancy

Running during pregnancy helped one mom-to-be connect with her body—and her baby.

VIDEO: 10 Prenatal Yoga Poses to Try Now

These 10 yoga poses are safe for every trimester and will strengthen, center and calm your body and mind.

Prenatal Yoga: Tree Pose

This balance pose will help you strengthen your legs and stay centered as you prepare for labor and delivery.
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