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Not Your Mama's Workout

Are you ready to sweat? Strengthen your body, lose the baby weight and start to feel like yourself again with a circuit-style workout designed just for new moms.

Prenatal Exercise DVD

Work out in front of your TV with our favorite prenatal and postpartum exercise DVDs.

Targeted Exercises

Seven weight-loss strategies to win the war on those extra pounds. Plus, the best exercises to get your abs back.

Efficiency Experts

To fit exercise into your busy day, try multitasking

Your Changing Body

The post-baby belly flap: Can we talk?

Power of Three

These core yoga concepts have benefits that translate off the mat and into motherhood.

Yoga for Two

Yoga master to the stars Gurmukh helps you harness your strength and connect with your baby.

Red Carpet Ready

Celebrity trainer valerie waters shares her hollywood-tested workout for getting your body back into shape after baby.

Sexual Healing

Want to have better post-baby sex? Strengthen your pelvic floor.
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