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Hike Your Way Back to Your Pre-Baby Body

Talk about happy trails! Here's the perfect month-by-month postpartum workout plan to help you shed the baby weight and get outside at the same time

strength & serenity

this simple prenatal routine, from yoga MASTER gurmukh, will help you harness your body’s power for labor.

make it quick

Three 10-minute workouts you can do with your new baby

Day One Exercises

Help your body recover faster with moves so gentle you can practice them the day after you deliver.

You Asked We Answered

{Is it safe to lift weight while pregnant?  How can I lose the baby fat?  Experts in prenatal and postpartum fitness answer these and more of your questions }

the home body

Stay strong and healthy with six prenatal exercises you can do indoors.

Feel Great All Day

Exercise can help keep your body strong and lessen your risk for complications during delivery.

It's About Time

A do-anywhere workout designed just for new moms

watch your back

Simple upper-body strengtheners to help prevent back pain and promote good posture

Get Your Abs Back

Midsection strengtheners to help you regain your tone and shape after having a baby.

strong and centered

Keep your abdominals strong and you’ll benefit during and after pregnancy.

Big Strides

Walking was voted the No. 1 exercise by pregnant women. Here's an easy workout you can do anywhere.

Get Your Body Back

Getting some exercise and hanging out with your baby: What could be better?

have a seat

Using a chair helps make these yoga poses pregnancy-friendly.
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