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Back In The Swim

For this mother, the water offers a way to remember the past and connect with the present

The at-home body

No more excuses. Here’s a safe and effective prenatal workout you can do without leaving the house.

The 10 minute Quickie

Think you don't have time to work out with a new baby in the house? Not so. Here are four routines you can complete in minutes —with your baby!

Strong & Sexy

No matter how big your belly gets, nicely toned arms and legs will help you feel beautiful the entire nine months.

Walk it Off!

Grab your baby, head outside and get back into shape with this easy walk/jog workout. The right gear makes it safe and fun for both of you.

prep school

Get ready for labor and prevent incontinence down the road with these essential prenatal exercises.

Roll with it

You'’ve got enough to worry about with a brand-new baby. Here'’s an easy way to get back into shape.

armed & ready

Upper-body strength moves prepare you to carry your baby.

All The Right Moves

Want to stay strong the whole nine months? Here are the best types of exercise to do during pregnancy.

star power

Doctors recommend waiting six weeks before resuming vigorous activity. Check with your doctor before starting this program.

Hot Legs

Keep them strong and sexy with these three simple exercises.

feel good now

Banish pregnancy aches and pains with our simple fitness solutions.

Hike Your Way Back to Your Pre-Baby Body

Talk about happy trails! Here's the perfect month-by-month postpartum workout plan to help you shed the baby weight and get outside at the same time

strength & serenity

this simple prenatal routine, from yoga MASTER gurmukh, will help you harness your body’s power for labor.
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