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Prenatal Nutrition

Pregnancy Diet

Third Trimester Nutrition: The Diet Change to Make Now!

It's never too late to eat a healthy prenatal diet, especially when it comes to preventing childhood obesity.
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Edward Marc’s Chocolate Bark

Healthy snack, anyone? Satisfy your pregnancy cravings in under 45 minutes with this easy chocolate recipe.

Best Healthy Recipes for Eggs

Get crackin’ any time of day with these comforting and energizing baby-benefiting recipes.

Get Your Whole-Food Fix

How to get your healthy dose of fruits and veggies—no kitchen required

The Pre-Pregnancy Diet Plan...For Him

Why your future baby’s daddy needs to eat more leafy greens.

The Perfect Prenatal Smoothie: Mango Ginger

The smoothie that reduces morning sickness

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

How a daily dose of D may affect your risk of gestational diabetes.

Tame Your Takeout: Eating Healthy On the Go

Need a quick food fix? Your guide to the healthiest options on the menu.

6 Recipes for Healthier Cookies

Your favorite sweet treats, tricked out with good-for-you ingredients.

Your Guide to Healthier Pizza

Spin pizza into a prenatal-nutrition power house with these delicious recipes

Stick to Your Vegetarian (or Vegan!) Diet

How to have a healthy pregnancy—without meat.

10 Healthy Ways to Get Your Chocolate Fix

Indulge (without guilt!) in the ultimate comfort food with these flavor-packed recipes.

5 Ways to Rock Your Pregnancy Diet

Easy (delicious) recipes that deliver your daily dose of five crucial prenatal nutrients.

Is Soy Safe During Pregnancy?

It’s a low-fat source of protein, but some experts warn that too much could harm your health and your developing baby.

Healthy Grilling: Nutritious Dishes for Your Next Barbecue

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