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Go Green with Evangeline Lilly

The actress (and Natural Health's new editor-at-large!) reveals the moment she decided to become a voice for the environment—and easy ways you can get involved, too.
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Behind the Scenes With Molly!

Our February/March cover star and author of The Everyday Supermodel, shares how you can feel sexy and have fun throughout your pregnancy.

How Molly Makes a Difference

Giving back is a priority for our cover star. Here are five worthy causes she supports—and how you can get involved, too.

The Natural Treatment Molly Sims Swears By

Here's the all-natural way our cover star found relief from back pain and morning sickness.

Tia Mowry: "My Son Is in the Fibbing Stage!"

The Instant Mom star reveals what she says when she catches her three-year-old in a white lie.

Dax on Kristen's C-Section: "It's a Girl! Your Liver's Out!"

Having a C-Section after 33 hours of labor is no laughing matter—unless your husband is Dax Shepard. Then it's kind of hilarious.

Kourtney on Eating Her Placenta: "Yummy!"

Kourtney Kardashian is loving her placenta pills, but is this safe? Here's what you need to know.

Is Beyoncé Pregnant? See What She Just Posted!

Is Mrs. Carter trying to tell us something? Because it really, really looks like she is.

Inside Jessica Alba's Healthy, Honest Life!

Jessica Alba is on the cover of Natural Health this month! Learn how she balances work and family and her best tips for staying healthy—and happy.

Blake Lively's Gorgeous Pregnancy Style

Actress Blake Lively and her hunky hubs, Ryan Reynolds, recently welcomed their first baby. Here's a look back at her inspiring pregnancy style.

Ali Larter’s Pregnancy Bucket List

Actress Ali Larter is checking off items on her to-do list in the countdown to baby number two. Here's what the 'You're Not You' star has planned.

Lindsay Price Shares Her Pregnancy Cravings

The actress, wife of Curtis Stone, shares what she's been craving in pregnancy.

New Holiday Photos of Prince George! See What He's Really Thinking

Kate Middleton and Prince William just released new photos of Prince George. Here, the little Prince shares how he really feels about becoming a big brother.

The Baby's Here! What Kourtney Has Planned

Our December/January cover star and mom of three Kourtney Kardashian knows exactly how she's going to spend the next few weeks. Read about her surprising newborn plan.
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