50 Things Every Guy Should Know About Pregnancy And Parenthood

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Bonding Tips For Dads

Becoming an involved father takes time. Here's how parents can work together.

A Guy's Guide To Having A Baby

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Actors Justin Baldoni and Travis Van Winkle, and rocker Travis Clark are the creators of a new app, "BellyBump,"y that lets you create time-lapse videos of your growing bump during pregnancy. Here's why it was a guy thing...

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First-Time Dads Copy the Fatherhood They See on TV

According to a recent study, you might want to keep your partner away from the TV. Research indicates that media messages might interfere with dad-to-be's parenting.

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate His First Father's Day

From hiking to hiring a babysitter, here are some fun and creative ways to celebrate Father's Day with a new dad. After all, your guy deserves it.

A New Dad's Q&A

How can I afford a baby? And when can we have sex again? Expert answers to the questions new fathers ask most.

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Pregnancy and parenthood: Coming to a theater, um, life near you.

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A New Dad's Field Guide

A manual for surviving pregnancy and fatherhood

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A dad who has four daughters found out he's finally going to have a son at his gender reveal--and his reaction was one of the funniest we've seen.

Dads and Daughters

New fathers often bow out when the baby is a girl. That''s a mistake for everyone.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

It's all about caring for your child.

Dad Advice

Guys like advice in easily digestible chunks. And who better to serve it up than other men who've been there?

Dad-to-Be Posts Epic Tribute to His Pregnant Wife

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Email Service Teaches New Dads How to Help With Baby

A new email product on the market aims to help dads help moms with baby care--without being asked. Daddy Caddy's founder discusses why emails work.

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Adorable and effective! #winning

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We know a mom-to-be's drinking places her child at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome, but a new study shows dads may need to put down the bottle, too.