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Want to Turn Your Guy into a Great Dad? Turn Off TV

First-time dads-to-be are especially influenced by the media’s portrayal of fatherhood. Here’s why you might want to skip binging on Family Guy this pregnancy.
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Dad of Daughters Keels Over When He Sees Blue at Gender Reveal

Is this the most unique gender reveal video we’ve seen? That might be a yes.

One Awesome Dad is Fighting for a Man's Right to Change Diapers

It's his baby, and this dad should be able to change his diaper.

This Baby Can Only be Calmed by Star Wars

And it's not the song you'd expect.

Watch This Guy Find Out He’ll be a Dad (and Just Try Not to Cry)

Is this 2015's most moving pregnancy reveal video yet? Yup, we're making that claim, 363 days into the year.

Trying to Conceive? What Dad Eats Matters

A new study finds that how healthy a father is before the mom gets pregnant has long-lasting implications on Baby's well-being.

Melting! Mark Zuckerberg Gets Sentimental and Reveals He Will Take Months of Time Off When His Baby Arrives

The founder and CEO of Facebook does not consider paternity leave an option. If he can take time off, can't anybody?

This Guy Posed for a Selfie With His Wife in Labor

How would you feel if your partner did this? Would you love it or tell him where to go?

Dads-to-be Get the Pregnancy Blues, Too

A new study reveals that expectant fathers get depressed during pregnancy just like moms.

These Dads Working Out With Their Babies is About to Make You Go Awww

Dads who work out? Awesome. Dads who work out with their babies? Adorable.

Time-Lapse Pregnancy Announcement Video Captivates Thousands

Check out how this dad-to-be put pencil to paper to share the news of his wife's pregnancy in the most creative way possible.

Science Proves That Dad Bod is a Real Thing

Mamas who love their baby-daddy belly, rejoice! But beware the health consequences that come with the extra pudge.

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate His First Father's Day

From a family hike to a sneaky scavenger hunt, here are some genius ideas to make a new dad happy this Father's Day.

Swedish Dads Get Way Better Parental Leave than U.S. Moms. (We're Jealous)

A new law in Sweden gives fathers at least three months off to bond with baby, to which we say great for them but NO FAIR, AMERICA!
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