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These Dads Working Out With Their Babies is About to Make You Go Awww

Dads who work out? Awesome. Dads who work out with their babies? Adorable.
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Time-Lapse Pregnancy Announcement Video Captivates Thousands

Check out how this dad-to-be put pencil to paper to share the news of his wife's pregnancy in the most creative way possible.

Science Proves That Dad Bod is a Real Thing

Mamas who love their baby-daddy belly, rejoice! But beware the health consequences that come with the extra pudge.

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate His First Father's Day

From a family hike to a sneaky scavenger hunt, here are some genius ideas to make a new dad happy this Father's Day.

Swedish Dads Get Way Better Parental Leave than U.S. Moms. (We're Jealous)

A new law in Sweden gives fathers at least three months off to bond with baby, to which we say great for them but NO FAIR, AMERICA!

The Best Thing New Dads Can Do for the Family? This

There's a work perk that benefits the whole family—but too many dads aren't getting the chance to take advantage of it.
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Kristin Cavallari: "Jay Cutler Is a Really Good Dad"

How the TV star's baby daddy is making her pregnancy easier. Listen up, dads-to-be.
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Fatherhood: A Documentary

Hank Azaria, on becoming a dad

Bonding Tips For Dads

Becoming an involved father takes time. Here's how parents can work together.

Father's Day 101: Making a New Father Feel like a Daddy

5 tips for making Pops feel like part of the crew.

Is Dad Stressed or Experiencing Paternal Postnatal Depression?

Here’s how to tell whether your guy may be suffering from something more serious than new-daddy blues and what to do about it.

Toy Story

When a new dad's collection obsession is cramping a new mom's style—and the baby’s.

8 Tips for Birth Partners

Uncertain about your role as a birth partner? Follow these eight easy guidelines.

Daddy's Home!

When mom goes back to work and dad stays home with the baby, pitfalls can arise. Here’s how to surmount them.
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