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The Agony And the Ecstasy of Two Under Two

The pros and cons of the two-year age gap.

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Five Not-So-Wonderful Things About the Two (or Less)-Year Age Gap

1. You Stay in the Sh*t

Literally. Those first few months I practically had carpal tunnel syndrome from changing so many diapers. Two in diapers is no joke on the psyche OR the wallet.

2. Kindergarten is Light Years Away

It’s lovely to moon about staring into your newborn’s eyes, but when you are also chasing a toddler, you hardly ever actually get to look at that snoozy second. There’s something to be said for the idea of having one kid in school during the day before you have another; I’m sure you get more QT with your new cutie.

3.  Twin Tantrums

Two-year-olds are famous for their tantrums. So are four-year-olds. The results are often thunderous.

4.  Your Body is Not Your Own

I just spent the past 4+ years pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing, without a break. I’m currently enjoying having no beings that depend on my physical form for sustenance.

5.  Overlapping Expensive Years

Private preschool is expensive. Two private preschool tuitions is mind-blowing. Likewise for orthodontia. Oh, and college. But I’m not too worried about it, since my daughter tells me she and her brother will always live with us, and will ride their scooters to college together, and then go out for cupcakes afterwards. After all, they’re a team.

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