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How Having a Son Can Help Your Marriage

My son has helped me to better understand my husband.

The Original Hipster Parents

Literature is full of role models for hipster parenting.

Post-Baby Birth Control Options

You’ll need to use some form of protection. Find out what's safe and recommended.

Holding Off On Post-Baby Sex

Recent study finds most women wait longer than six weeks to have sex after giving birth.

Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

The big deed may be less than pleasant. In fact, it may be downright painful.

Infidelity While Pregnant

Infidelity during pregnancy is not as uncommon as you might think.

Why Grandparenting Should Be an Olympic Sport

A new baby stokes the competitive fires.

Are You OK Down There?

Experts allay your fears about post-baby sex.

married, with children

A new baby can create tension between husband and wife. Here's how to keep your love alive.

Forget About Sex (For Now, Anyway)

You're not always going to be this tired, this nervous, this overwhelmed.

the parent trap

Keeping your marriage running smoothly with a new baby can be a challenge. Here'’s help.

Circle of Friends

Create a family even if your own is far away.

In the Delivery Room

Everything they don't teach you about the delivery room.

Generation Gap

How to handle well-meaning parents and in-laws
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