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Preventing Autism in Pregnancy: Is it Possible?

Experts weigh in on the latest research behind 8 ways to potentially reduce your baby's autism risk while you're pregnant.
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5 Fertility Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Trying for a baby? Don't dismiss these common fertility red flags.

The 10 Best Fertility Apps

Trying to conceive? There's an app (or 10) for that. Here are our top pick of apps to help you get pregnant faster.

One Simple Way to Spot Fertility Problems Sooner

Do this every morning to up your chances of conceiving quickly.

Stunning Side-by-Side Photo of Lesbian Couple's Pregnancies Goes Viral

This sweet photo of a small gesture is making a HUGE impact.

9 Easy & Preg-Safe Cleaning Products You Can Make at Home

You probably already have everything you need to whip up these simple, safe and effective cleaning solutions.

Induction Does NOT Increase C-Section Risk

Find out why the the latest research is changing everything we thought we knew about inductions.

This Rap About Pregnancy is Keeping It Real

YouTube comedian-mom group, The BreakWomb, talks balancing comedy with kids—and the story behind their latest video: "Welcome to Motherhood, Girrrl!"

Would You Let Your Hubs Shave You? Kourtney Kardashian Did

Hey pregnant ladies, how about we don't try to keep up with the Kardashians.

Pregnant Naya Rivera Looks HOT in her Babymoon Bikini

Check out Naya and all our favorite pregnant bikini bods for a little beachwear inspiration.

We Can't Stop Watching this Miley Cyrus Parody

"It's our family, we can do what we want" is THE anthem for moms with big broods.

This is Awesome: Pregnancy Reveal Riffs On The Fresh Prince

This couple's lives are about to be flipped-turned upside down—and they're rapping about it.

America is Having Way Too Many C-Sections

U.S. doctors are doling out double the amount of cesareans recommended by the World Health Organization. Why? Experts say we're impatient.

WATCH: Sean Penn Doc Exposes Fertility-Blockers in Everyday Products

Sean Penn wants to help you get pregnant. Or his new documentary does, anyway. Watch and find out why you should ditch these everyday products if you're TTC.

Pregnancy in America: What's Marriage Got to Do With It?

First comes love. Then comes marriage? Uh, nope. Turns out we don't care so much about relationship status when it comes to getting that baby in the baby carriage.
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