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Why Jennifer Love Hewitt LOVES Being Pregnant

EXCLUSIVE: The Party of Five star digs being preggo so much, she's bearing her bump for a new ad campaign, weeks from her second birth. Here, her top tips on enjoying every minute.
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Trying to Avoid a C-Section? Exercise.

Science says women who exercise during pregnancy increase their chances of an easier, more natural labor. Translation: Pilates hurts, but you'll thank yourself later.

Homeless Women Star in Stunning Maternity Photos

Photographer Keri Vaca donates her services to expecting women in shelters—and the results are amazing.

Is That Starbucks Making Your Future Child Obese?

Sorry coffee lovers: Here's yet another major reason to cut out caffeine during pregnancy. Anyone for decaf?

These are America's Most Fertility-Friendly States

Good access to infertility treatments may depend on where you live. See how your state measures up.

Going Drug-Free? Tips from 7 Moms Who Did It

Refusing the drugs isn't for everybody, but if you're willing to try, take this advice from ladies who did it.

EXCLUSIVE: New Mom Haylie Duff's Strange Pregnancy Cravings

Older sister to Hilary, Haylie reveals her baby's unusual name, pregnancy cravings and go-to green smoothie recipe.

Is There a Best Time to Give Birth?

New data finds that most U.S. women give birth in the morning—but is this the best time?

Your Weekend Cry: Blind Mom Feels Her Ultrasound

Watch and prepare to weep as one mom "sees" her baby for the first time thanks to 3D printing.

Want to Keep Your Future Kid in Shape? Start Now.

Turns out pregnancy exercise—not just weight—matters in the battle against childhood obesity.

EXCLUSIVE: Jaime King on Pregnancy After Infertility

The actress opens up to Fit Pregnancy about pregnancy, infertility and why she hates wearing heels.

Pregnant Marisa Miller Poses Nude For Orcas

That's one way to help put an end to animal cruelty.

The Rising Trend of Unassisted Home Births

Find out why, despite the dangers, some women choose to give birth alone.

4 Things to Do at Home for a Better Hospital Birth

Got your heart set on a natural labor? Do these 4 things before you even set foot in the hospital.

Preventing Autism in Pregnancy: Is it Possible?

Experts weigh in on the latest research behind 8 ways to potentially reduce your baby's autism risk while you're pregnant.
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