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Woman Realizes She's Pregnant After Seeing Unusual Fitbit Activity

Well that's one alternative to a pregnancy test!
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There’s a New Way to Make Your C-Section Safer

Women were less likely to have an infection when they used this antiseptic. (Another thing to note on your birthing preferences list.)

Could Anti-Asthma Drugs Cause Autism?

If recent research is any indication, they just might.

This Woman Danced on an Exercise Ball to Induce Labor—and It Worked!

This one is definitely worth a watch. Turns out she was inspired by another video posted right here on Fit Pregnancy.

Flu Shot More Important Than Ever, Warns CDC

The flu strain this year can be fatal, and if you’re pregnant, you’re at greater risk. The good news? You can get your flu shot anytime during pregnancy.

Watch Justin Bieber Put This Woman into Labor

A viral video shows a very pregnant woman dancing to Justin Bieber's "Sorry" ... and then her water breaks.

Borderline High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Still Bad for Baby

A new study shows blood pressure may not have to rise as high as previously thought to have negative outcomes during pregnancy. Here's what you can do about it.

The CDC Wants You to Stop Drinking When You Come Off Birth Control

According to government statistics, there's a huge group of women who are at risk of alcohol exposure—and it's more dangerous than we thought.

It's Official: Zika Can Be Transmitted By Sex

Here’s what to do if you’re pregnant and your partner is traveling to one of the Zika no-go zones.

Antidepressants In Pregnancy No Risk to Baby

According to new research, there's no increased risk of this one serious problem if you’re on medication for depression.

Is Acetaminophen Really Safe in Pregnancy?

Your doctor may say yes, but a new study points to evidence that taking the painkiller while pregnant could be linked to asthma.

Water Births Perfectly Safe According to New Study

Under the right circumstances, this trendy birthing option could be the way to go.

Ali Fedotowsky Shares Baby Bump Photo: 'That Was a Big Lunch'

The Bachelorette star debuted her tiny, growing bump in a photo on social media—and it's adorable.
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