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Kim Kardashian Gets Brutally Honest About Her Fertility Problems

In a candid interview, the reality star opens up about the extent of her struggle to get pregnant a second time.
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Try Not to Grin at this Boy's Genuine (and Joyful!) Reaction to Becoming a Big Brother

Thousands of cheers roll in for this 5-year-old boy from the UK, who has the sweetest reaction to his mum's pregnancy news.

Is Your Pre-Pregnancy Diet Hurting Your Future Baby?

This popular healthy diet trend is easy to follow and could help you have a happier, healthier baby. But ya gotta start now.

This Meteorologist Had the Best Response Ever to Pregnant-Body Shamers

Talking smack about a pregnant woman? That's just low.

Yikes: TV is Teaching Us Some False Truths About Having a Baby

You can't believe everything you see on TV, especially when it comes to pregnancy and giving birth.

11 Ridiculous Things We Cried Over While Pregnant

We literally cried over spilled milk. SPILLED MILK, PEOPLE.

Mom-to-Be Shows That Twerking is the Best Way to Get Through Labor

New mom Yuki Nishizawa found a great way to get through labor: doing the Tootsee Roll! Now slide, Baby, slide...

There's a New Ultrasound For Pregnancy—and It Helps Detect Early Labor

Yup, seeing your cute baby's face won't be the your only reason for an ultrasound: It could save your newborn's life, too.

Shorter Moms Have Shorter Pregnancies

A new study finds that mom's height directly influences how long her bun stays in the oven.

Labor: Science FINALLY Understands How We Do It

Scientists are starting to have a better grasp on how the human body sustains itself during birth—which will help women in labor everywhere.

College Fires Star Professor for Being Unmarried and Pregnant

Coty Richardson was in good standing at Northwest Christian University, until she became pregnant. Now she's suing them.

FDA Slams Kim Kardashian for Misleading Morning Sickness Pill Endorsement

The government's stern warning comes after the reality star failed to outline side-effects of anti-morning sickness med Diclegis.

It's Official: Here's the Latest You Should Start Trying for a Baby, According to Science

Wondering how age affects your fertility? A study calculates when exactly you should be giving baby-making your best shot.

Couple Goes for 4D Ultrasound, Gets Shock of Their Life

Would this make you change your mind about getting a novelty ultrasound, too?

Dad Who Revealed Wife's Pregnancy Shares Heartbreaking News

The unconventional pregnancy reveal seen round the world had a sad ending, popular vloggers Sam and Nia announce.
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