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Why Kim Kardashian Says Pregnancy is "Worst Experience of My Life"

Like it or not, many moms will find some truth in Kim's words: No, pregnancy is not always a walk in a park. But is it worth it? Oh yes.
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Labor Goals: Watch This Mom Whip/Nae Nae Her Way Through Contractions

This mom wanted to avoid a C-section so much, she did this popular dance through her labor. And it worked! Now watch her whip… Now watch her nae nae…

3 Ways Miscarriage Can Make You Stronger

Miscarriage is heartbreakingly common—it happens to 1 in 3 pregnancies—but is there ever a silver lining to the horrible experience?

Adorable Dad-to-Be Loses It When He Finds Out Wife is Finally Pregnant

After trying for a baby for 17 years and finally getting one, you'd react like this, too. This is what happiness looks like.

Planning a Meatless Monday? Make Sure You're Getting This Vitamin First

A deficiency in this essential nutrient found in meat products can have serious and lasting effects on your baby. So why are so many pregnant women deficient in it?

These Photos of Pregnant Inmates Will Change Your View of Prison Forever

As many as 1 in 25 women entering the prison system is pregnant. So what does that mean for them and their babies? This photographer decided to find out.

Chemo in Pregnancy Now Deemed Safe for Your Baby

A new study has comforting news for those diagnosed with cancer while pregnant: your baby should be OK.

Coco Austin Has a Tiny Baby Bump at 7 Months—and It's OK

Ice-T's better half has been proudly posting pregnancy selfies, despite heat for her tiny tum. She stands up for herself, and in doing so, all women.

Yet ANOTHER Reason to Avoid BPA—Especially if You're Having a Girl

Can exposure to BPA early in pregnancy affect your child? Yes, according to a new study, but don't panic yet.

7 Ways to Get in the Mood for Pregnancy Sex

Don't feel like getting jiggy with it now that you're pregnant? Turns out pregnant sex is actually good for you. Here's how to make it happen more often.

Fertility Pill Clomid Beats Femera in Live Births

Study shows that new might not always be better when it comes to infertility treatments.

A Shocking Number of Pregnant Women Admit to Binge-Drinking

If you've had a drink or two before you knew you were pregnant, that's one thing, but drinking four or more drinks in a night when you know you're expecting is dangerous.

Should Doctors Wait to Diagnose Miscarriage?

When pregnant women go for their first ultrasound, it's usually a time of joy. But for some, it can lead to uncertainty and worry.

A Pre-Delivery Treatment for Preeclampsia is Coming

Doctors may have discovered how to lessen the effects of this dangerous pregnancy complication—before you give birth.

Could This New Placenta Treatment Save Kim Kardashian's Fertility?

The superstar mom suffers from placenta accreta, which may mean she'll need a hysterectomy after she gives birth to her second child. But could a new surgical technique prevent that?
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