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How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Got a few new stretch marks? You're (unfortunately) very normal. Here's how to reduce their appearance.
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What's Safe to do During Pregnancy (And What's Not)

We answer the questions you ask about everything

Celebrity Pregnancies

Eva Mendes, Kourtney Kardashian, Stacy Keibler, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, and others are pregnant. Who's due next?

The Pregnant Mama's Summer Survival Guide

Use these tips to feel better in hot weather.

Please Stop Saying This to Pregnant Women

Send this to all of your never-been-pregnant friends—stat.

Body Odor During Pregnancy: "Do I Smell?"

Here's how pregnancy changes the way you smell, in more places than one.

Infertility Frustrations: Why "Trying" to Conceive is So Darn Hard

One woman shares her struggles in trying to get pregnant

How to Prepare Dads for Labor & Delivery

Take these steps to involve, support and prepare your partner for childbirth.
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Pregnant Mila Kunis Has a Message for "Expecting" Dads (And It's Hilarious)

The mom-to-be shares one of her pregnancy pet peeves on Jimmy Kimmel.

Create a Zen Delivery Room: Your Field Guide to Birthing Personnel

Here’s your field guide to birthing personnel—those who may be in the room and those who you can ditch.

6 Labor Tips That Help You Rock Your First Birth

Does the mere thought of labor freak you out? That ends now.

Master the Art of the Staycation-Babymoon

How to feel rejuvenated and relaxed—without leaving the house.
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Snooki: Pregnant (Again!) and More Confident Than Ever

Plus, what she's doing differently during her second pregnancy.
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