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Water Births Perfectly Safe According to New Study

Under the right circumstances, this trendy birthing option could be the way to go.
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Ali Fedotowsky Shares Baby Bump Photo: 'That Was a Big Lunch'

The Bachelorette star debuted her tiny, growing bump in a photo on social media—and it's adorable.

Good News: Unplanned C-Sections Come With Unexpected Benefits

Turns out laboring before a C-section is not wasted effort.

Depression Screening Recommended for All Pregnant Women

Has your doctor asked you about depression? If she hasn’t, here’s why getting screened might be a good idea.

Zika Virus in Pregnancy: OBGYNs Answer All Your Questions

We asked the experts everything we’ve been wondering about the Zika virus in pregnancy. Here’s what they say about traveling, avoiding the illness and how it can affect your baby.

Trying to Get Pregnant? Eating Soy Can Help. Really.

A new study shows that this food, once discouraged in TTC women, can actually help offset the effects of BPA on fertility.

Bodybuilding Mom-to-be Boasts Super Abs Over Baby Bump

No wonder she’s an avid reader of Fit Pregnancy!

Docs Want Women to Have Concrete Plans for How Many Kids They'll Have

If you think you’ll want two kids, or even a dozen, your doctor might want you to decide now. But is it really their business?

Trying to Choose a Fertility Treatment? A New Test Could Help.

If you’re getting your partner’s sperm analyzed anyway, you might want to add this new test to your list.

Is the Secret to a Healthy Pregnancy in Mom’s Egg?

Turns out mom’s in control—even before Baby is born.

Woman Denied Care for Her Miscarriage at 18 Weeks Fights Back

Tamesha Means sued the religious organizations behind a Catholic hospital in Michigan after they refused to treat her when her water broke at 18 weeks pregnant. Now docs are on her side. (Warning: graphic details.)

Doulas Help Low-Income Women in Surprising Ways

Here's how using one can make a difference to you.

Behold: This is What 25 Weeks Pregnant With Five Babies Looks Like

Is this the most mind-blowing pregnancy shoot ever?

Another Laguna Baby—But Can You Guess Who?

First it was Kristin Cavallari, then Audrina Patridge, now there’s a third Laguna Beach baby on the way.
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