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Getting Pregnant


Getting Pregnant

The CDC Wants You to Stop Drinking When You Come Off Birth Control

According to government statistics, there's a huge group of women who are at risk of alcohol exposure—and it's more dangerous than we thought.
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Trying to Get Pregnant? Eating Soy Can Help. Really.

A new study shows that this food, once discouraged in TTC women, can actually help offset the effects of BPA on fertility.

Docs Want Women to Have Concrete Plans for How Many Kids They'll Have

If you think you’ll want two kids, or even a dozen, your doctor might want you to decide now. But is it really their business?

Trying to Choose a Fertility Treatment? A New Test Could Help.

If you’re getting your partner’s sperm analyzed anyway, you might want to add this new test to your list.

We're Calling It: Storm Jonas Baby Boom!

So, um, what did you do this weekend? Try to make a baby? Evidence shows baby booms do happen after major blizzards.

Spermbots: Fertility Treatment of the Future?

‘Robosperm’ could be the new way to improve your odds of pregnancy from an IUI.

TTC After Pregnancy Loss Might Increase Your Odds

Losing a pregnancy is devastating and it may take you a few months to get over it—but a study shows, if you want a baby, acting fast might be key.

Introducing the First Pregnancy Test on a Phone

Peeing on a stick? There's now an app for that.

The Unpredictable Story Behind the First Home Pregnancy Test

You won't believe what women had to do before they could just pee on a stick.

How a Common Gene Problem Can Lead to Early Miscarriage

If you're struggling to conceive, or have suffered a miscarriage, you could have this common gene variation—reminding us all that creating life can be tough.

This Photo of an IVF Baby has Gone Viral and for a Very Good Reason

This image of a sleeping baby surrounded by syringes speaks volumes about what some women go through to become a mom.

Sex All Month Long Could Help You Get Pregnant

Getting busy—even when you're not ovulating—could increase your chances of conceiving. Yep, ladies: It's time to think outside the fertile window. #passthelube

Fertility Pill Clomid Beats Femera in Live Births

Study shows that new might not always be better when it comes to infertility treatments.

Is Your Pre-Pregnancy Diet Hurting Your Future Baby?

This popular healthy diet trend is easy to follow and could help you have a happier, healthier baby. But ya gotta start now.

It's Official: Here's the Latest You Should Start Trying for a Baby, According to Science

Wondering how age affects your fertility? A study calculates when exactly you should be giving baby-making your best shot.
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