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Getting Pregnant


Getting Pregnant

Your Smartphone Could Replace Peeing On a Stick

Scientists are working on a sensor and smartphone app combo that has the potential to detect pregnancy.
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Could Your Fertility Be Written All Over Your Face?

New research shows that facial redness increases around ovulation. But could blushing help couples conceive?

Are You Making This Baby-Making Blunder?

Did you know using the wrong lubricant can hinder your chances of making a baby, while using the right one can help? Here are our top pics for TTC-friendly lubes to get you going.

Oh, Boy: Are We In the Era of the Designer Baby?

Kim and Kanye have shot down the rumors that they used IVF technology to guarantee a male baby. Would you choose your baby's sex if you could?

You Know You're Pregnant After Infertility If...

Finally got that BFP after years of TTC? You're not alone if you still feel anxious. Here, "former infertiles" dish on what a hard-faught pregnancy really feels like.

Good News! Summer Sunshine Boosts Fertility

A new study suggests that if you want to get pregnant, get busy while the season lasts!

10 Easiest-to-Miss Signs of Early Pregnancy

Yes, there are ways to tell the difference between pregnancy and PMS during the dreaded two week wait.

Doctors are Changing How They Treat Miscarriage

Miscarriage may be relatively common, but it doesn't make it any easier to go through. Researchers now want to make it safer.

These are America's Most Fertility-Friendly States

Good access to infertility treatments may depend on where you live. See how your state measures up.

Should the U.S. Experiment with This New Kind of IVF?

A new breakthrough treatment is getting women pregnant around the world—so why don't we have it?

What Baby-Making Sex is Really Like (in GIFs)

It's not all fun. But yeah, it's pretty fun.

8 Everyday Products to Avoid if You're TTC

Do you have any of these fertility thwarters lurking in your home?

When is it Time to See a Fertility Doctor?

Still haven't seen those two pink lines? Here's how long you should wait, depending on health and age, before seeking medical help.

5 Fertility Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Trying for a baby? Don't dismiss these common fertility red flags.

The 10 Best Fertility Apps

Trying to conceive? There's an app (or 10) for that. Here are our top pick of apps to help you get pregnant faster.
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