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Are You Ready for a Baby?

Ask yourself and your partner these 9 questions before you start trying to conceive.


6. Are you ready to give up “me” time?

Motherhood is the most selfless job you’re ever going to have and putting your independent self on the shelf (at least for some time) is something you need to be mentally prepared for. If you’re not okay giving up hours with friends, time in the gym, one-on-one time with your partner, and your alone time, it might be worth seriously considering if you’re ready for a baby right now. Perhaps you still have a few life goals, travel destinations, or adventurous things you want to tackle over the next few months before you get pregnant.

7. What religion will your baby be?

If you and your partner don’t follow the same religion you should discuss what faith (if any) you want the baby to be raised in and any ceremonies that go along with that.

8. Will our baby be bilingual?

 If one of you speaks two languages and wants the baby to be raised bilingual you should chat about that now

9. Do you need to move?

While tiny babies, don’t take up much space, their noise level can surely disrupt an entire sleeping family (and neighbors) all night long.  Discuss whether you’ll need to move into a bigger home and when that’s going to happen. No one wants to be packing up her kitchen when she’s nine months pregnant!

“I’m a planner myself and I agree having these discussions is a good idea, however there is such a thing as ‘planning too much,’” says Twenge. “Some of these things will work themselves out as you go along. If you wait to have children until everything is completely settled in your life, you’ll never have children. There is something to be said for taking a leap of faith.”


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