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Ask The Labor Nurse: Should I Get Genetic Testing?

The pros and cons of genetic testing.


Genes are activated by the environment they live in.  If they live in a healthy, stress-free environment – they act one way.  If they live in a toxic, stressful environment, they tend to activate their disease potential. But when the environment includes healthy thoughts, prayer, meditation, nutrition, and all the things we attribute to good health – genes act healthy. It was Dr. Lipton’s crazy idea (researched, studied, documented and published) that we influence our genes as much (or more) as they influence us that led him to write the bestseller – The Biology of Belief.

Physicians, scientists, spiritual leaders and average Joe’s like me are understanding that the ideas we plant in our minds influence, benefit and sometimes destroy our health.  If we believe it’s our fate and genetic predisposition to get a specific disease, chances are good we’ll get sick.  But what if we don’t know?  What if we decide not to do genetic testing?  What if we never plant that seed in our minds or our newborn’s? 

Pregnant woman can opt for different levels of screening and diagnostic genetic testing. One woman I know found out through genetic screening (which she didn’t know she was optional) that her child had a higher than average chance of having Down syndrome.  She declined further testing because she didn’t want to terminate or cast a shadow over her pregnancy even if it was determined her child definitely had Down syndrome. Turns out, her baby was born he was 100% normal. 

Another woman went through extensive diagnostic testing after early screening indicated a problem. When her final tests couldn’t determine for certain whether her baby had a rare anomaly (even gene testing can’t always provide 100% certainty), she chose to terminate.  She knew what was best for her and didn’t want to take that chance. 

Should you do genetic testing? That depends on how much you want to know in advance, but I recommend you think it through.  It’s 100% optional and 100% your decision.


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