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HypnoBirthing 101

A childbirth education course that emphasizes natural childbirth and teaches self-hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labor.


Hypnobirthed babies

Both Olberz and Wildner describe babies born with this method as wide-eyed, present and more calm in general. “They look like they're ready to be here with their families,” says Olberz.

“I have had parents with other children born under a number of differing circumstances, and they are the ones that bring up how different the HypnoBirthing babies’ personalities are,” says Wildner. “They’re calmer.”

HypnoBirthing can help postpartum, too

“If a women feels that she made her own best decisions for her particular circumstance, no matter how the birth then plays out, she has an easier postpartum period. If her baby is more easygoing and nurses better, which HypnoBirthing babies tend to be and do, it makes it easier on mom and dad! When a mother-baby is immersed in the ecstatic birthing hormones that nature provided, it seems easier for everyone, and moms seem transformed and empowered,” says Wildner. 

“I know that if a woman has a birth experience where she felt heard and supported, no matter what the actual birth looks like, she's less likely to have PPD or PTSD,” adds Olberz.

HypnoBirthing offers postnatal support through CD’s for deep, restorative relaxation once baby arrives, plus breastfeeding affirmations and CD’s specific to making more milk and pumping.

To find a HypnoBirth class in your area, go to: hypnobirthing.com/directory


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