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Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy Health

Exercise During Pregnancy to Help Mood

For a healthier take on your changing image, try exercise

Pregnancy Glossary

A user-friendly guide to the pregnancy and childbirth terms you need to know.

Going Green

Protect your baby while you protect the planet

mirror, mirror

Pregnancy can sometimes wreak havoc on your body image. Here’s how to embrace your new shape.

should you switch obs?

Feeling anxious or ignored? It may be time to dump your doc. Plus, how to improve your relationship if you can'’t.

Thinking Green

Your immediate environment is more important than ever. Here's how to make your space a healthier place.

open wide

How your dental health affects your baby’s well-being

Your Guide to Becoming a Mother

Get your baby off to a safe start.

Becoming A Mother

In the third trimester, dreams of large animals are common. They represent the power you'll need during labor.

Not Feeling the Glow?

How to cope when you don't love being pregnant

Becoming a Mother

If you’re not already immune, get a measles-mumps-rubella vaccination at least three months before becoming pregnant, the chickenpox vaccine one month before. Get a flu shot if you’ll be in your second or third trimester during flu season.
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