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Pregnancy Health


Pregnancy Health

Boosting Air Quality for Baby

Simple steps to make your home healthier for your little bub--and your whole family

Riding the Hormone Roller Coaster

How to overcome pregnancy hormone changes and mood swings.

Wireless Warning

Keep cellphones and wireless gadgets far from your baby bump . . . just in case.

Celebrate Mom

Essential articles, tools, and apps to help make a new mom's life easier.

Your Body, Your Baby

An interview with The Dr. Oz Show’s Mehmet Oz, M.D., whose new book reveals how your own health during pregnancy can affect your baby’s entire life in surprising ways.

Green Day

How your baby shower can be a gift to the environment

Thyroid Testing

Too-low thyroid levels can impair your child’s I.Q. So why aren’t all pregnant women being screened?

Down But Not Out

Bed rest has downsides for your mind and body. So does it have an upside?

Test Your Pregnancy Smarts

You know you need to go cold turkey on the alcohol and cigarettes when you’re pregnant—that’s a no-brainer.

The Purist’s Pregnancy

Begin at the beginning to boost your baby’s chances for lifelong health.

Safe Travels

Traveling while pregnant can be exhausting and uncomfortable.

Safe Pregnancy Remedies

Safe natural remedies and smart lifestyle changes can ease your pregnancy complaints.

Gum Chewing and Pregnancy

How chewing gum now can benefit your baby
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