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Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy Health

A Healthy Life Starts Now

By the end of the decade, 1 in 5 kids will be obese. Adopt healthy eating and exercise habits during pregnancy and you'll create a better future for you and your growing family.

Dangers of Smoking Mount

Smoking is even more harmful to your growing fetus than once thought.

Morning Sickness: The Upside

Find out how feeling queasy can actually keep you and your baby safe.

Pregnancy Pressures

Major stress has been linked with prematurity, low birth weight and even autism. But there are safe ways to ease the tension.

Vitamins May Help Prevent Preeclampsia

Taking vitamins before conception can cut the rate of this dangerous condition

Avoiding a Too-Big Baby

Moms' increased weight can double their risk for a C-section.

Get Smart

10 simple rules for a healthy pregnancy

Check Out Your Baby Doc

Don't assume that your pediatrician has been certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Finding The Mother Gene

Reconnecting with her childhood love of swimming allowed this expectant mom to remember her mother's good side.

Induction Decision

Want to schedule your baby's birth date? First you should consider whether it's worth the potential risks

Moms' Knowledge Lowers SIDS Risk

Rates of sudden infant death syndrome are plunging thanks to educated mothers.

Autism Detection Neglected

Here's what you need to know about the first signs of autism.

A Worrisome Wait

A scary prenatal-test result forces this woman to think about possible decisions.

Shape Up With Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy presents our very own postnatal fitness DVD.
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