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Pregnancy Health


Pregnancy Health

Boning Up on Bones

Can prenatal exercise help protect bone mass?

Dr. Weil's Tips for a Green Pregnancy

Follow these tips to protect yourself and your baby from toxins.

Sleep Tips from Dr. Oz

If pregnancy complaints are keeping you awake at night, here are some safe solutions for back pain, leg cramps and more.
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Mama Glow: Exclusive Interview with Latham Thomas

New book serves as guide for a blissful pregnancy

Pregnancy Pick-Me-Ups

From lap swimming to leg rubs, here are 15 ways to boost your mood.


Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes can be a shock, but it could also turn out to be a long-term boon for you and your baby.

Time To Chill

Beat the four biggest pregnancy stresses.

Countdown To Baby

40 weeks: Your baby's development in depth and what to do to keep him healthy.

Dr. Oz On The Just-Right Size Baby

How to have a baby who’s neither too big nor too small.

Pointers For Pops

Dads-to-be often feel left out, but there’s really plenty they can do to help their partners.

Does Age Really Matter?

What you need to know about pregnancy in your 20s, 30s and 40s.

Old Wives Vs. Science

Find out how much of the pregnancy advice you receive is backed by research, and how much is mere folk wisdom.

Pregnant Belly Basics

Interesting facts to know as your baby bump grows.

The First Kick

What does it feel like?
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