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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

The Wrong Way to Give Your Child Medicine

Plus, four ways to get it right—every time

5 New Rules About Employment Discrimination During (and After) Pregnancy

Know your rights, and support your family in a way that works for you.

Need a C-Section? Ask Your Doc to Do This

New research shows that the method your doctor closes your incision can determine how well you heal.

How Third-Trimester Exercise Benefits Your Baby

It’s never too late to start moving

Can a Blood Test Predict Miscarriage?

Plus, another important question you should ask your doctor

What Your Placenta Has in Common with Your Mouth

New research uncovers some fascinating facts about the placenta.

The Number of Pregnant Women Taking Opioids Will Shock You

And it's bad news for their babies' brain development. Here's how you can relieve pregnancy pain—naturally.

Should You Take Antidepressants for Postpartum Depression?

A new study adds to the depression discussion. Here's what it means for your baby’s health.

3 Ways to Caress Your Baby for a Stronger Bond

Use these tips to capitalize on your motherly touch.

Can Low-Dose Aspirin Prevent Preeclampsia?

Plus, when you should pop a blood-thinner, and when you should pass.

Second-hand Smoke and Premature Birth: Every Puff Really Does Matter

Plus, the legislation that’s helping you have a healthy baby.

The Weather Report That Could Induce Labor

New research finds a surprising link between warmer temperatures and early-term labor. Here's how you can keep cool.

The Best Postpartum Birth Control

Plus, seven things you didn’t know about IUDs.
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