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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

The Newest Poison Risk at Home: Is Your Baby Safe?

Many household products are hazardous for children, but a new study shows the rising threat of this one.

Will You Deliver Early? It Depends Where You Live

The March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card shows the US has reduced the number of preemies, but some states are still failing.

Don't Panic, But Drinking While Pregnant Is Worse Than We Thought

Alcohol-related disorders are more common in children than previously believed, according to new research.

Having a Girl? Don't Miss This Health Update

Helping your daughter maintain a healthy weight may start before she's even born.

Safety Alert! Huge Recall of Baby Wipes

A nationwide recall has been issued for major store brands of wipes. Here's what you need to know.

Your C-Section Odds, State by State

New research suggests that where you live may determine how you give birth.

Could This Vitamin Make Childbirth Less Painful?

New research reveals higher levels may lead to an easier delivery.

Pregnant? Don't Miss This Epidural News

If you're considering an epidural during labor and delivery, check out the latest update about when you can get pain relief.

Can Morning Sickness Make Your Baby Smarter?!

The surprising benefits of pesky pregnancy nausea.

The Wrong Way to Give Your Child Medicine

Plus, four ways to get it right—every time

5 New Rules About Employment Discrimination During (and After) Pregnancy

Know your rights, and support your family in a way that works for you.

Need a C-Section? Ask Your Doc to Do This

New research shows that the method your doctor closes your incision can determine how well you heal.

How Third-Trimester Exercise Benefits Your Baby

It’s never too late to start moving

Can a Blood Test Predict Miscarriage?

Plus, another important question you should ask your doctor
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