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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Babies Short on Vitamin D

Study says infants are not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin, regardless of how they're fed, and urge supplement

More Moms Pumping It Up

03.17.10 Rising trend sees women giving their babies breast milk exclusively but not actually breastfeeding.

New Warning on Baby Slings

03.13.10 U.S. government urges users of popular baby carriers to make sure you can see baby's face at all times to prevent suffocation.

This Cheese Stands Alone

03.11.10 N.Y chef causes quite a buzz when he serves up cheese from an unlikely source: his wife's breast milk

Whip Out the Girls to Slim Down

03.09.10 New study strengthens message that breastfeeding helps women lose abdominal fat faster

No Couch Potatoes for Part-Timers

03.04.10 Study says working mothers are more conscientious on the days they do spend at home, which leads to better habits.

No Eating for Two

02.23.10 Too many pounds in the first trimester put moms-to-be at high risk for gestational diabetes

Looking For A Few Good Moms-to-be

02.17.10 Calling all pregnant women! U.S. officials need your help in long-term study on children's health

Autism Risk Tied To Mom's Age

Women who give birth at 40 or older are twice as likely to have a child with a spectrum disorder.

SIDS Research Breakthrough

Study finds SIDS babies have low serotonin levels.

Journal Retracts Autism Study

Medical publication pulls original vaccine-autism findings after ethics panel rebukes study's lead author for dishonesty in his research.

Want a Baby? Avoid PBDEs

01.27.10 Study finds these everyday chemicals used as flame retardants hinder chances of conceiving

FDA unwavering on BPA

01.20.10 Officials call for limited use, more study but no ban on disputed chemical in baby bottles, other products.

Helping Young Quake Victims

01.19.10 Baby product companies reaching out to assist children in devastated Haiti
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