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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Language Cues Learned in Womb

Experts say mom's native tongue shapes a newborn's crying melody.

U.S. Ranks High in Infant Mortality

11.05.09 Skyrocketing preemie births place U.S. infant death rate in 30th place

Docs Drop Parents Over Vaccines

10.29.09 Dismissing a young patient if parents refuse to immunize is becoming more common

Baby Einstein Offers Refunds

10.27.09 Disney says money-back guarantee is policy but groups insist popular videos don't make your baby smarter.

Study Warns of Lengthy Pacifier Use

10.22.09 Possible link between speech delays and prolonged usage of a binky or thumb-sucking

The Hazards of Car Seats

10.21.09 Improper use of infant seats can be dangerous, study finds

Insurer: "Your Baby is Too Fat"

10.14.09 Health insurance firm has a change of heart after first rejecting coverage for chubby infant deemed too heavy.

Study Highlights Prevalence of Autism

10.07.09 New federal figures show cases of the disorder on the rise, with rate now set at 1 in 100 children.

H1N1 Vaccine Proves a Hard Sell

Misgivings remain among pregnant women about swine flu shot (plus questions about where to find it) despite push from U.S. officials

Pregnancy & Flying Get the All-clear

09.24.09 Expert guidelines OK air travel at all stages for low-risk pregnant women

Best U.S. Firms for Working Moms

09.23.09 Magazine names Top 100 firms with family-friendly policies for employees

Warning of Shocks from Breast Pump

09.17.09 FDA issues alert on one brand after cases of shocked nursing moms

Fortified Formula Gets Big Boost

9.16.09 Study: Formula with fatty acid helps infant brain power, but breastfeeding critics cite marketing move

Study: Planned Home Births OK

09.02.09 For low-risk women, delivering at home is just as safe as giving birth in a hospital
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