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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

More Than Ice Chips OK In Labor

08.26.09 Health experts give go-ahead for low-risk expectant women to drink liquids on the big day

Study: Car Seats Cut Off Air Supply

08.25.09 Experts emphasize that infant seats should be used only in vehicles and not as cribs

More Than A Cute Baby Photo

08.19.09 Study says magazine images, ads show unsafe baby sleep positions that may cause SIDS.

Motherhood on Hold

08.13.09 New stats find women worldwide are waiting longer to start a family

Kids Priceless But Not Cheap

08.11.09 New U.S. study puts a $221,190 price tag on raising a child

Breastfeeding Statue Salutes Star

08.06.09 Artist unveils sculpture of Angelina Jolie in the nude and double-breastfeeding.

Active Kids Sleep Better

07.30.09 Study finds lack of activity affects children's snoozing

Autism and Tummy Troubles

New study finds no link between disorder and stomach problems in children.

More Than the Baby Blues

07.23.09 Proposed legislation fuels debate over universal screening for postpartum depression

Prenatal Pollution Affects Kids' IQ

07.21.09 New study finds inhaling smog on a daily basis could have harmful effects on baby's brain development.

Beware of Bath Time Dangers

07.16.09 New study finds toddlers make up more than half of all tub injuries

Fetal Monitoring Undergoes Update

07.14.09 Experts adjust guidelines for electronic tracking of baby while you're in labor.

Birth Education via YouTube

07.07.09 Winners unveiled in contest to raise awareness about labor and delivery choices

Dad Depression Linked to Baby's Colic

07.01.09 Study finds excessive crying in infants more common in children of sad fathers.
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