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Pregnancy News

Repeat C-sections Stir Debate

02.26.09 Natural childbirth after a surgical delivery may not be an option for many women, whether they like it or not

Laila Ali Answers Your Questions

Also, check out our upcoming cover mom chatting about new motherhood.

Update on the Facebook vs. Breastfeeding Moms Debate

2.15.09: An interview with Best for Babes

Report: Doc "fixed" vaccine-autism study

Newspaper investigation suggests researcher lied about data to prove his case.

Grammys Turn Pregnancy Into Cool

02.10.09 Expectant singer steals the music awards show on her due date

Women Having Babies Younger

02.05.09 New U.S. figures see drop in median age of first-time moms

Predicting The "Baby Blues"

02.04.09 Study links pregnancy hormone level to postpartum depression

Babies Born To Rock

02.03.09 Study says newborns get the sense for beat at birth

Mom Gives Birth to 8 Babies

01.28.09 Only expecting 7, surprised doctors in Southern California say octuplets doing well

Study Highlights Co-sleeping Dangers

01.27.09 Rise in infant suffocations renews debate on bed-sharing

Healthy Teeth Cut Preterm Labor Risk

01.22.09 Study links mouth bacteria to most deliveries before 37 weeks

Eco-friendly Mattresses for Baby

01.20.09 Trying to green a little one's bed might be too much for some parents

Autism Studies Raise More Questions

Prenatal testing possible, one finds; another cites environment as disorder's likely cause.

Cold-Remedy Ointment Not for Babies

01.14.09 Researchers warn VapoRub is too irritating for sick kids younger than 2
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