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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Rethinking Maternity Leave

Worries over job security, money have many women reducing time off after baby.

List of Breastfeeding Benefits Grows

06.17.09 Longer periods of nursing are tied to better high school grades, higher likelihood of going to college

Safe Drug For Morning Sickness?

06.11.09 Study finds anti-nausea med OK for moms-to-be and fetuses

The Motherhood Penalty

06.10.09 Study finds big pay gap between working moms and women with no children.

Study: TV Can Interfere With Speech

Too much boob tube means less time for children 2 and younger to develop language skills.

Pregnancy Weight Rules Refocus

05.28.09 Obese moms-to-be urged to gain less

Room to Improve Childbirth in U.S.

05.20.09 New report highlights need for health care overhaul—and it should start in the maternity ward.

Do You Want to Have a Girl?

Exposure to some chemicals may favor conception of females

Dr. Visits, Babies Put On Back-Burner

05.13.09 Study says cheaper contraception, pushing back health exams are signs of economic times

What Is Mom's Work Worth?

05.08.09 Report adds up the many jobs of a mother's day for a year's total salary

Report: Baby Food Too Junky

05.06.09 Review finds some British brands are high in fat and sugar

The Best of the Web

05.01.09 Hits of the week

Superstar Joins Vaccine Cause

04.29.09 Jennifer Lopez supports effort to fight whooping cough

For A Quicker Labor, Don't Lie Down

04.28.09 Study finds staying up-and-about moves along a baby's delivery
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