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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Baby Soap Alert

06.19.12 The infant staple is being linked to positive marijuana tests in newborns.

Cesareans Linked to Obesity in Children

06.12.12 New study finds babies born via C-sections have higher risk of being obese at 3 years old.

Start Exercising Sooner in Pregnancy If You're Heavy

06.04.12 Studies point to exercise and counting calories when you're overweight and expecting.

Redistribute the Chores!

The truth about cleaning during pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy Hits The Big Screen

05.24.12 New movie on an old fave book What To Expect When You're Expecting takes a look at impending and new parenthood. Plus, try out our new facebook cover app.

Buyer Beware When It Comes to Crib Bedding

05.22.12 Parents need to know possible dangers before buying or registering for crib bedding and sleep accessories.

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

05.09.12 Lawmakers rally for the rights of working moms-to-be with proposed on-the-job protections

Implants Mess With A New Mom's Mind

05.08.12 Don't worry about your breast implants if you want to breastfeed, experts say.

Don't Pass on the Pacifiers

05.01.12 New study finds that pacifiers encourage breastfeeding, reversing long-held theories about the much-maligned binky.

Infertility Does Not Discriminate

More and more women younger than 35 are looking for help in overcoming challenges to conceiving a baby.

One-Stop Shops for Moms

04.17.12 New stores geared toward expectant women and new mothers are offering more than just the usual baby stuff.

BPA Alert

04.05.12 Kick the food can and plastics when you're pregnant to help protect your children's future health.

Babies Not In A Hurry

04.03.12 New federal stats show that women today have longer births and heavier babies.

Diet Prevents Birth Defects

03.29.12 Study re-emphasizes that a mom-to-be's nutrition affects the future of her baby.
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