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Pregnancy News


Pregnancy News

Overtreating for Acid Reflux

Hard-to-soothe babies being prescribed acid-suppressing meds for no reason, expert says.

Anti-SIDS Products Under Fire

FDA warns parents that these items are not necessary and can be dangerous.

A Deal On Breast Milk

10.12.11 Groupon offers deal of the day as a fundraiser for Indiana milk bank.

Marathon to Remember for New Mom

10.10.11 Pregnant woman runs Chicago race and gives birth on the same day.

Gaining Weight for Three

When you're expecting twins, adding pounds earlier is a good thing.

The Truth About Bed Rest

Side effects of bed rest may outweigh the benefits, experts say.

Mama, Get Your Flu Shot

09.22.11 Officials urge everyone, including moms-to-be, to get vaccinated as flu season looms.

Painful Choices

09.20.11 Moms-to-be, think twice before taking pain medication

"SpongeBob" Under Fire

New study cites popular cartoon in attention problems in children.

Ricki Lake's Labor of Love

09.06.11 Win a chance to see the former TV host's second doc, More Business of Being Born, before its release.

Oregon Plans Ban On C-Sections

08.23.11 Some Oregon hospitals agree to take a stand against elective and early surgical deliveries.

Managing Your Mother-in-Law

08.16.11 How to deal with your partner's mom during your pregnancy

Self-Care For Down There

Moms, don't forget some extra TLC for your nether regions after a vaginal delivery.

World Breastfeeding Week

08.04.11 Spreading the word: Breast is best!
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