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Destination Babymoon: Our Top 10 Pregnancy Escapes

Babymoon packages for every type of traveler and budget are more available than ever.


Though your head may be spinning—and your wallet getting thinner—as you plan for baby, it’s important to set aside some time to nurture your relationship, reconnect with your partner, and enjoy time alone before the big day.

Just make sure to get your doctor's OK to fly (you can safely fly until you’re 32 weeks to 35 weeks along) and plan your trip within your second trimester—your nausea will have subsided and you’ll still be able to move around comfortably.

Check out these 10 babymoon destinations, including stateside resorts, far-flung adventures and escapes to the countryside. And remember, if your partner can’t come along, it’s OK to bring your mom or girlfriend instead!

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